Warren Controls

Country USA
Standards API 607, CRN, CSA, UL
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Warren Controls control valves is an American manufacturer that specialises in the fabrication of control valves.

Warren Controls specialises in industrial control valves. From the cold water ball valve to the heavy duty globe valve, Warren Controls has all the products that suits you application. Built in Pennsylvania, they can produce you control valve with a fast lead time with various option like:

  • 2-way ball or globe valve
  • 3-way mixing or diverting globe valve
  • Ball or globe valve for liquid applications like water, sanitary products, chemicals, petrochemicals, etc.
  • Ball or globe valve for gaz applications like air, natural gaz, steam, etc.
  • Ball or globe valve with a pneumatic or electric actuator
  • Balancing globe valve
  • Regulator globe valve

Looking for a control valve for you application? Warren control has your solution. Call the Famco team now!

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