Ensure an optimal productivity for your company by rapidly providing you with the qualified industrial products that you will need.

Famco is proud to celebrate it’s 29th anniversary in 2018. Since the launch of the company, we have been able to target your needs and find the best manufacturers in order to provide you with the ideal products for your applications. Our dynamic team has always given their best in order to ensure that all our products respect a high standard that is true to our requirement and that will be delivered to our customer as fast as possible. At Famco, we are proud of our accomplishments et that is why we want to share what we call « The Famco concept ».

In November 1989, we have decided to enter the business world and launch our own company. We have named this project Les Vannes Famco Enr. which marked the begin of our adventure. Having already worked in the industrial distribution industry and after working for renowned manufacturers such as Asco, we were finally ready to take the big leap and to stand on my own two feet. We had gained knowledge in the market, the competition and the products. We were eager to offert what the companies were missing in order to become more efficient. I didn’t know by then that this was the start of a great journey that had only began.

I quickly understood that I would not be able to do it on my own and that is why my wife and I, with the help of our mentor Roger Hogue, have decided to combine our strenghts. It was an instant success and we gradually build a solid team. This decision has helped us to rely on trustworthy people and to move our vision forward to reach success. To sum up, we started with very little, we have established a strong company and throught the years we have build up an admirable reputation and an outstanding expertise. Without pretention, people in the industry frequently call us : The solenoid valve masters. You will understand why we can only say with confidence that our team of  internals representatives possess a strong technical knowledge, not only to guide you in the selection of the most relevant products for your application but also to help you resolve your  technical problems. This is why people believe in our capability and join our « Famco concept ».

Having an excellent team has always been one of the many reason we have reached success but we also had to offer the right product in order to give to our customers a satisfying Famco experience. It was then a primary step for us to find the best manufacturers in the market in order to offert competitives prices for top branded articles which was  achievable thanks to the strong skills of our Famco team. It was a good start, but since we were very eager to succeed we have decided to rolled-up our sleeves and combine our expertise with superior quality products in order to offert turnkey solutions for your project ou your everyday needs. It is a formula for success in which we have incorporated a large inventory coming from all around the world. Our goal here is to provide you with the fastest delivery possible. Our vision has always remain the same : ensure an optimal productivity for your company by rapidly providing you with the qualitfied industrial products that you will need.

Today, its been 29 years since Famco has become the leader in the distribution of the best products for the chemical industry, petrochemistry, sanitary, air filtration, water treatment and many others processes. We want to thank all our customers and our devoted team to have followed us throught these great years.

Famco inc. is proud and fortunate to be your present and futur distributor.

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