Butterfly Valves & Controls

Country USA, Taiwan
Standards ANSI, API, AWWA, CRN
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Butterfly Valves & Controls

Butterfly Valves & Controls is the fabricant of the Value Valve butterfly valve, located in Texas USA, they have the biggest inventory in North America. 

Butterfly Valves & Controls is the manufacturer of the butterfly valve branded Value Valve. Located in Texas USA, it is easy for Famco to rapidly bring a large quantity of valve and delivery it to your door without being very costly. Add to that, BVC is the only company to keep in stock a large quantity of butterfly valves made with exotic materials like Viton seat or a full stainless steel 316 body while keeping a very good quality. Value Valve’s products have always been known to fabricate quality product unlike alot of competitors that offer an economic valve that doesn’t match the industry’s very high standards. Famco offers you these various Value Valve products:

  • Standard butterfly valves with Nylon 11 coated disc or stainless steel 316 disc.
  • Butterfly valves with 304 or 316 stainless steel body.
  •  All Value Valve butterflt valve have ISO 5211 pattern with square shaft stem.
  • Butterfly valves with Nylon 11 coated body.
  • Automated butterfly valves with pneumatic or electric actuators on/off or modulating.
  • High performance butterfly valve with WCB carbon steel body or 316 stainless steel body.
  • AWWA butterfly valves for water treatment or other applications.

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