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NIBCO, in Canada Famco is the authorized distributor of the proudly american manufacturer of industrial valves and fitting!

NIBCO® is highly valued through out the entire industry as a leader in manufacturing valves and fittings and it’s industrial division products are so reliable that they are garantied for 5 years . Located in the United States and with a fast and very efficient production method, NIBCO® can deliver an order with any high quality product faster than anyone else in the market. You’re thinking of getting an industrial valve? Choose NIBCO® because:

  • The highes quality standards for the proudly american made NIBCO® products that are specified by most contractors and engeneers.
  • By reorganising the facilities into highly productive factories, NIBCO® can assure you a fast delivery.
  • NIBCO® makes industrial products in the material that you need like Brass, Bronze, Stainless Stell 304/316/316L, Carbon Steel WCB, etc.
  • NIBCO® offers you many industrial products: ball valves, butterfly valves, globe valves, gate valves, etc.
  • NIBCO’s Press-System fittings are easy to install and help prevent leakage from bad welding.
  • All NIBCO® products are backed by a 5 year warranty.
  • Thanks to the Chemtrol® division, NIBCO® offers you thermoplastic valves and fittings which are also backed by the 5 year warranty.

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