Rotex Pneumatic Actuators

Country India
Standards CSA,UL,CE,ATEX.
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Rotex Pneumatic Actuators (RMEBS Division of Metso)

Rotex is an industrial manufacturer that specializes in the fabrication of pneumatic actuators and its accessories like limit switches and NAMUR solenoid valves.

Rotex is a pneumatic actuator manufacturer and specialist in the fabrication of industrial automation products like limit switches, NAMUR solenoid valves, positioners, etc. Located in India, Rotex has always kept the competition behind by upkeeping the highest standards of production and by constant innovation of their product. An example of that is the ne ECF/SSF series of pneumatic actuators that are now built with the travelling stops on the side of the actuator making in stronger the old EC series. Rotex also fabricates standard solenoid valves for various application that can also be bought at Famco. The quality of the product is guaranteed by Famco as every assembly with a Rotex actuator or any of its accessories are tested before it leaves our wharehouse. Feel free in the Rotex catalogue for:

  • QTF Series – Double acting and spring return pneumatic actuators with ISO5211 pattern and NAMUR connection.
  • DXLW – Limit switches with NAMUR connection. with various explosion proof enclosure options
  • NAMUR solenoid valves for pneumatic actuators.
  • Low temperature PE seals and high temperature Viton seals options for pneumatic actuators.
  • High cycle and heavy duty options for pneumatic actuators.
  • Full stainless steel 316 pneumatic actuators and limit switches.
  • Angle body solenoid valves and industrial solenoid valves.

Rotex prices are very competitive and for its product quality you won’t find better! Contact us now to get your Rotex product!

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